sábado, 11 de septiembre de 2010

The day after VFNO, when you actually can buy...

Malu Rivero
When I finally arrived into the hotel!
¡Cuando finalmente llegué al hotel!

Callejón Jorge Juan

Where I have bought 5 fantastic pieces of Maje and Manoush!
¡Donde he comprado 5 fantásticas piezas de Maje and Manoush!

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  1. gracias :)
    me los compre en inglaterra son de topshop y no són leggings son pitillos

  2. Malu Rivero said...
    I also wanrto study periodism and specialized myself in fashion but... I dont know how to do it yet!XPP
    WOw... I've read your work!
    Where are you studing it??

    11 September 2010 14:44
    Rebecca said...
    Hi Malu, thank you for your comment. I'm sure there are lots of courses you could do in that subject, it sounds really interesting! I'm studying at uni in Southampton in England. I just had a browse of your blog and love all the pictures from your travels. It's also interesting to see the trends from Spain and to read about fashion from a spainish viewpoint xx

  3. Hi, thanks for comment on my blog. I would love if you continue sharing your thoughts on my blog! XOXO.


  4. si, porque la VFNO es mas una noche de glamour y sociedad que de compras, con el jaleo ke hay cualkiera compra nada, aunke el metodo "alcohol gratis" subira las ventas.

  5. oh great for you!tnx for your sweet comment and for your advice :) i will try to surprise you haha !so i hope you`ll be back soon and follow my blog too!kisses,Manuella